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Modding ideas

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computergod666: This page needs to be reformatted. The mod ideas need to be visually separated in some way, whether on separate pages or by headings. Also, there should be an area or page for questions. I'll start on it, and if anyone is willing to help out, I wouldn't mind. In addition, it would be nice to separate mods into categories: Total Conversions, Mutators, and Classes at least.

Mod ideas[edit]

Camper Hunter (Mutator) This mod would probably be best used on camping/sniping servers especially those that have a low player count (maybe 3-4). Some of the larger maps turn into people just waiting around for 20 minutes staring through their zoomed in scopes at the map's backdrop. This mod would create a pawn that, for example, would be a ball of light. The ball of light would identify who has the highest score and move (at a config defined speed) towards that player... perhaps change color as it gets closer. This would give the current leader some incentive to move to a different spot from time to time. Other ideas might be a ray of light from the sky (like a spotlight) that may at some intervals shine a spot of light on the area where the leader is camped. or perhaps expand the idea to all players that the longer your remain in an area a radius of light grows around you giving the other players a hint at where you are hiding.

Illusion/Clone (Class) This mod would be like a grenade thrown and when it lands make a pawn that looks like the player and moves in reverse direction to how the player is moving... This could be used to give someone that wants to make a desperate dash across a wide open area a better chance at reaching the other side. Other idea, perhaps it would make the player mostly invisible while showing an image of the player slightly offset from the player's real location.

GUI Surface (System) An ideia for Ut 2k Series, its good for people whos want this in your Total conversion or mods, a system of a GUI Surface like a Doom 3 system, whit a variet of options like a trigger substitute this is NOT A COPY this need to create this system for the zero, with the Unreal Script for a Game Mode for example.