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A trigger that, when triggered, will add points to a player's score.



int ScorePointsAdded 
Amount of points to add.
sound TriggeredSound 
Sound played when triggered.

Source Code[edit]

/* Written by Jon Steadman */
class ScoreAwardTrigger extends Trigger;
var() int ScorePointsAdded;
var() sound TriggeredSound;
function PostBeginPlay()
   ReplaceText( Message , "%p", string( ScorePointsAdded ) );
simulated event TriggerEvent( Name EventName, Actor Other, Pawn EventInstigator )
   if( Role == ROLE_Authority && EventInstigator != None && !Level.Game.bGameEnded )
      if( EventInstigator.PlayerReplicationInfo != None )
         Level.Game.ScoreObjective( EventInstigator.PlayerReplicationInfo,ScorePointsAdded );
      else if( EventInstigator.Controller != None && EventInstigator.Controller.PlayerReplicationInfo != None )
         Level.Game.ScoreObjective( EventInstigator.Controller.PlayerReplicationInfo, ScorePointsAdded );
      if( TriggeredSound != None )
         PlaySound( TriggeredSound );
   Super.TriggerEvent( EventName, Other, EventInstigator );
	Message="%p points awarded!"

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