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UE2:ActionMessage_DM (UT2004)

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UT2004 Object >> Actor >> Info >> LocalMessage >> CriticalEventPlus >> ActionMessage >> ActionMessage_DM


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Default values[edit]

Property Value
Messages[0] "Deathmatch"
Messages[10] "Flak Cannon"
Messages[11] "Bio-Rifle"
Messages[12] "Minigun"
Messages[13] "Movement"
Messages[14] "WASD = Default movement keys"
Messages[15] "Double tap a key to dodge"
Messages[16] "Jumping"
Messages[17] "Double jump"
Messages[18] "Powerups"
Messages[19] "Health vials"
Messages[1] "Press fire to spawn"
Messages[20] "Health pack"
Messages[21] "Big Keg O' Health"
Messages[22] "Armor"
Messages[23] "Shield Pack"
Messages[24] "Super Shield Pack"
Messages[25] "Adrenaline"
Messages[26] "Adrenaline can be used for combos"
Messages[27] "Damage Amplifier"
Messages[28] "Reach the frag limit first!"
Messages[29] "Suicides count against you"
Messages[2] "Weapons have two firing modes"
Messages[30] "Good luck!"
Messages[3] "Regular and alternate fire"
Messages[4] "Assault Rifle"
Messages[5] "Fires bullets and grenades"
Messages[6] "Shield Gun"
Messages[7] "Melee attack"
Messages[8] "Protective Shield"
Messages[9] "Explore to find other weapons"