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UE2:ActionMessage_ONS (UT2004)

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UT2004 Object >> Actor >> Info >> LocalMessage >> CriticalEventPlus >> ActionMessage >> ActionMessage_ONS




Default values[edit]

Property Value
Messages[0] "Welcome to Onslaught Training."
Messages[10] "Touch a neutral PowerAccessPoint to create a friendly PowerNode."
Messages[11] "Vehicles appear near friendly Nodes and your Core."
Messages[12] "Until moved, vehicles are locked against the enemy team."
Messages[13] "The Link Gun can heal vehicles and Nodes."
Messages[14] "Damaged PowerCores can NOT be healed."
Messages[15] "Build a network of Nodes to gain access to the enemy Core,"
Messages[16] "then destroy it."
Messages[17] "This concludes the Onslaught Tutorial. Good luck."
Messages[1] "There are many types of vehicles."
Messages[2] "The 'USE' key gets in or out of vehicles."
Messages[3] "Some vehicles can hold passengers."
Messages[4] "Each team in Onslaught has a PowerCore."
Messages[5] "PowerCores are connected to each other through PowerNodes."
Messages[6] "You can see the network of PowerNodes in the overhead map."
Messages[7] "The objective is to destroy the other team's PowerCore."
Messages[8] "You may only attack Nodes and Cores which are linked to a Node or Core you already control."
Messages[9] "To take a PowerNode, destroy it if it is controlled by the enemy."