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UE2:BloodRites (UT2004)

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UT2004 Object >> ChallengeGame >> BloodRites

Single Player Challenge Game code A blood rite challenge is a challenge against an whole team. The prize is a exchange of team mates.

Written by Michiel Hendriks (c) 2003, Epic Games, Inc. All Rights Reserved



Type: float

entry fee multiplicator of the bot's price

Default value: 3.0


Type: string

The trade menu

Default value: "GUI2K4.UT2K4SP_CGBRTrade"


Type: string

menu to display when we lost out team mate

Default value: "GUI2K4.UT2K4SP_CGBRUntrade"

Default values[edit]

Property Value
ChallengeDescription "Challenge an enemy team for one for their team mates."
ChallengeMenu "GUI2K4.UT2K4SP_CGBloodRites"
ChallengeName "Bloodrites"

Static functions[edit]


static function AddHistoryRecord (UT2K4GameProfile GP, int offset, GameInfo Game, PlayerReplicationInfo PRI, UT2K4MatchInfo MI)

Overrides: ChallengeGame.AddHistoryRecord

will be called after the default info has been added to the history record. override this to change or append additional into.


static function bool canChallenge (optional UT2K4GameProfile GP)

Overrides: ChallengeGame.canChallenge

Return true when this challenge game can be used to challenge the player


static function HandleSpecialEvent (UT2K4GameProfile GP, array<stringSpecialEvent, out array<ChallengeGame.TriStringGUIPages)

Overrides: ChallengeGame.HandleSpecialEvent

We have two special events: TRADE and UNTRADE Both have the arguments <teamname> <playername> In case of TRADE you get a player to add to your team, unless your team is already full, then you have to remove one firts. UNTRADE will just give you the message that a team mate has been removed from your team.


static function bool payTeamMates (UT2K4GameProfile GP)

Overrides: ChallengeGame.payTeamMates

return true when the team mates should be payed


static function PostRegisterGame (UT2K4GameProfile GP, GameInfo currentGame, PlayerReplicationInfo PRI)

Overrides: ChallengeGame.PostRegisterGame

when we where challenged the SpecialEvent logic goes the other way around


static function StartChallenge (UT2K4GameProfile GP, LevelInfo myLevel)

Overrides: ChallengeGame.StartChallenge

start this challenge