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UE2:DamageTypeDrowned (U2XMP)

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U2XMP Object >> Actor >> DamageType >> DamageTypeImpl >> DamageTypeDrowned

$Workfile: DamageTypeDrowned.uc $ Created By: Mike Fox Created On: 4/17/01 $Author: Mbaldwin $ $Date: 9/04/02 2:14p $ $Revision: 2 $

Default values[edit]

Property Value
DeathString "%o was drowned by %k."
FemaleSuicide "%o forgot to come up for air."
GibModifier 0.0
MaleSuicide "%o forgot to come up for air."

Static functions[edit]


static function HandleDamageEffect (Actor A, float Damage, Object.Vector HitLocation)

Overrides: DamageTypeImpl.HandleDamageEffect