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UE2:MaterialSwitch (UE2Runtime)

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UE2Runtime Object >> Material >> Modifier >> MaterialSwitch
This class in other games:
U2, U2XMP, UT2003, UT2004

A trigger-advanced list of materials.


Property group 'MaterialSwitch'[edit]


Type: int

Modifiers: transient

The current material from the Materials list.


Type: array<Material>

Modifiers: editinlineuse

The list of available materials.

Instance functions[edit]


function Reset ()

Overrides: Modifier.Reset

Resets to the first material in the Materials list. Also resets that first material and the FallbackMaterial. Note that other materials in the list will not be reset.


function Trigger (Actor Other, Actor EventInstigator)

Overrides: Modifier.Trigger

Switches to the next material in the Materials list. If the end of the list is reached, the first material is switched to.

The new material and the FallbackMaterial are triggered as well.