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UE2:SpringForce (U2)

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$Author: Aleiby $ $Date: 3/08/02 9:51a $ $Revision: 3 $ Name: SpringForce.uc Author: Aaron R Leiby Date: 27 March 2000 Description: Simple spring force to connect two particles. How to use this class:

These should probably be used in conjunction with a dampening force

(FrictionForce) too keep things from getting too wild.

Fix ARL: Springs should be evaluated after SlipForces. But we can't do that because currently we are velocity based and need to be evaluated before the LocatorForce -- otherwise we'll never affect the particles' locations until the next tick. SlipForces need to be evaluated after the LocatorForce because their main purpose is to fix the "mistakes" that the locator force makes (thus keeping the particle positions correctly relative to each other).

Solution: Make a spring force that replaces the locator force, and correctly takes occilation into account based on the current velocity.


Property group 'SpringForce'[edit]


Type: Object.ParticleHandle

Modifiers: native


Type: Object.ParticleHandle

Modifiers: native

Affected particles.


Type: float

Default value: 64.0


Type: float

Spring constant. (Larger values == stiffer spring)

Default value: 0.333333

Internal variables[edit]


Type: int

Modifiers: const

Default values[edit]

Property Value
Priority 30.0

Native functions[edit]


native simulated function SetEndpoints (Object.ParticleHandle A, Object.ParticleHandle B)