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UE2:UT2K4GameProfile structs (UT2004)

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Statistics for each bot in this profile. Saved per profile because they change during the tournament

string Name 
int Price 
updated price to 'buy' the player, this is also used to calculate the fee and injury treatment
byte Health 
injury stats, 0 = dead (you don't want that ;))
bool FreeAgent 
is this a free agent, e.g. can you hire him/her
int TeamId 
location of his team in the TeamStats list


information about a custom ladder

string LadderClass 
the fully qualified name to the ladder class
int progress 
current progress


int Date[3]  
int Time[2]  
string MatchData 
magic string, fields seperated by ';'

field 1: match type (Ladder game, challenge game, custom ladder game)
field 2: match description

string MatchExtra 
additional data, depends on the MatchData type
string Level 
map name
string GameType 
gametype class, fully qualified
string EnemyTeam 
enemy team class, fully qualified
float PriceMoney 
price money
float BalanceChange 
balance change
float BonusMoney 
bonus money won
float GameTime 
game time
bool WonGame 
float TeamScore[2]  
team scores, 1 = our team, 0 = enemy team
bool TeamGame 
gee, what would this be then
string TeamLayout[2]  
team layout
float MyScore 
player's score in this game
int MyKills 
number of kills
int MyDeaths 
number of deaths
string MyAwards 
my awards
byte MyRating 
final position in the scoring table


map selection record, this will override the default behavior of map selection for a match

byte ladder 
the selected ladder
byte rung 
match in the selected ladder
byte selection 
the offset in the AltLevel array


int BotId 
int Payment 


int Team1 
team id in the team stats array
int Team2 
float ScoreTeam1 
float ScoreTeam2 
int LadderId 
int MatchId 
float GameTime 


player details from the last match

int ID 
string Name 
float Kills 
float Score 
float Deaths 
int Team 
array<string> SpecialAwards 
special awards won by this player, like Flag Monkey


int BotID 
float Rank 


team roster override record

string name 
fully qualified name of the team roster class
array<string> roster 
the alternative roster


Stats for each team

string Name 
the fully qualified name of the team class
int Level 
the difficulty level of this team
int Matches 
number of games played against this team
int Won 
number of games this team won from you
float Rating 
the rating of this team compared to you