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UE3:AnimSet (UT3)

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UT3 Object >> AnimSet
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This is a set of AnimSequences All sequence have the same number of tracks, and they relate to the same bone names.

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Property group 'AnimSet'[edit]


Type: bool

Indicates that only the rotation should be taken from the animation sequence and the translation should come from the SkeletalMesh ref pose. Note that the root bone always takes translation from the animation, even if this flag is set. You can use the UseTranslationBoneNames array to specify other bones that should use translation with this flag set.

Default value: True


Type: array<name>

Names of bones that should use translation from the animation, if bAnimRotationOnly is set.

Internal variables[edit]


Type: array<AnimSetMeshLinkup>

Modifiers: transient

Non-serialised cache of linkups between different skeletal meshes and this AnimSet.


Type: name

In the AnimSetEditor, when you switch to this AnimSet, it sees if this skeletal mesh is loaded and if so switches to it.


Type: array<AnimSequence>

Actual animation sequence information.


Type: array<name>

Bone name that each track relates to. TrackBoneName.Num() == Number of tracks.



Modifiers: native

This is a mapping table between each bone in a particular skeletal mesh and the tracks of this animation set.

Object.Guid SkelMeshLinkupGUID 
GUID of SkeletalMesh that this linkup entry relates to.
array<int> BoneToTrackTable 
Mapping table. Size must be same as size of SkelMesh reference skeleton.

No index should be more than the number of tracks in this AnimSet. -1 indicates no track for this bone - will use reference pose instead.

array<byte> BoneUseAnimTranslation 
Array of booleans that indicate whether or not to read the translation of a bone from animation or ref skeleton.

This is basically a cooked down version of UseTranslationBoneNames for speed. Size must be the same as size of SkelMesh ref skeleton.