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UE3:SequenceOp (UT3)

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UT3 Object >> SequenceObject >> SequenceOp
Direct subclasses:
SequenceAction, SequenceCondition, SequenceEvent, Sequence
This class in other games:

Base class of any sequence object that can be executed, such as SequenceAction, SequenceCondtion, etc. Copyright 1998-2007 Epic Games, Inc. All Rights Reserved.



Type: int

Modifiers: transient

Number of times that this Op has had Activate called on it. Used for finding often-hit ops and optimising levels.


Type: bool

Is this operation currently active?


Type: bool

indicates whether all output links should be activated when this op has finished executing

Default value: True


Type: bool

Modifiers: const

Does this op use latent execution (can it stay active multiple updates?)


Type: array<SeqEventLink>


Type: array<SeqOpInputLink>

Default value:

Member Value
LinkDesc "In"


Type: array<SeqOpOutputLink>

Default value:

Member Value
LinkDesc "Out"


Type: int

Modifiers: transient, noimport

The index [into the Engine.GamePlayers array] for the player that this action is associated with. Currently only used in UI sequences.


Type: int

Modifiers: transient, duplicatetransient, const, protected

used when searching for objects to avoid unnecessary recursion


Type: array<SeqVarLink>

All variables used by this operation, both input/output.



Modifiers: native

Represents an event linked to the operation, similar to a variable link. Necessary only since SequenceEvent does not derive from SequenceVariable.

Todo: native interfaces - could be avoided by using interfaces, but requires support for native interfaces

class<SequenceEvent> ExpectedType 
array<SequenceEvent> LinkedEvents 
string LinkDesc 
int DrawX 
bool bHidden 

Default values:

Property Value
ExpectedType Class'Engine.SequenceEvent'


Modifiers: native

Represents an input link for a SequenceOp, that is connected via another SequenceOp's output link.

string LinkDesc 
Text description of this link
bool bHasImpulse 
Indicates whether this input is ready to provide data to this sequence operation.
bool bDisabled 
Is this link disabled for debugging/testing?
bool bDisabledPIE 
Is this link disabled for PIE?
SequenceOp LinkedOp 
Linked action that creates this input, for Sequences
int DrawY 
bool bHidden 
float ActivateDelay 


Modifiers: native

Individual output link entry, for linking an output link to an input link on another operation.

SequenceOp LinkedOp 
SequenceOp this is linked to
int InputLinkIdx 
Index to LinkedOp's InputLinks array that this is linked to


Modifiers: native

Actual output link for a SequenceOp, containing connection information to multiple InputLinks in other SequenceOps.

array<SeqOpOutputInputLink> Links 
List of actual connections for this output
string LinkDesc 
Text description of this link
bool bHasImpulse 
Indicates whether this link is pending activation. If true, the SequenceOps attached to this

link will be activated the next time the sequence is ticked

bool bDisabled 
Is this link disabled for debugging/testing?
bool bDisabledPIE 
Is this link disabled for PIE?
SequenceOp LinkedOp 
Linked op that creates this output, for Sequences
float ActivateDelay 
Delay applied before activating this output
int DrawY 
bool bHidden 


Modifiers: native

Represents a variable linked to the operation for manipulation upon activation.

class<SequenceVariable> ExpectedType 
Class of variable that can be attached to this connector.
array<SequenceVariable> LinkedVariables 
SequenceVariables that we are linked to.
string LinkDesc 
Text description of this variable's use with this op
name LinkVar 
Name of the linked external variable that creates this link, for sub-Sequences
name PropertyName 
Name of the property this variable is associated with
bool bWriteable 
Is this variable written to by this op?
bool bHidden 
Should draw this connector in Kismet.
int MinVars 
Minimum number of variables that should be attached to this connector.
int MaxVars 
Maximum number of variables that should be attached to this connector.
int DrawX 
For drawing.
Property CachedProperty 
Cached property ref

Default values:

Property Value
ExpectedType Class'Engine.SequenceVariable'
MaxVars 255
MinVars 1


Iterator functions[edit]


native noexport final iterator function LinkedVariables (class<SequenceVariableVarClass, out SequenceVariable OutVariable, optional string InDesc)

returns all linked variables that are of the specified class or a subclass


  • VarClass - the class of variable to return
  • OutVariable - out) the returned variable for each iteration
  • InDesc - optional) if specified, only variables connected to the link with the given description are returned

Fixme: localization

Native functions[edit]


native noexport final function GetBoolVars (out array<byteboolVars, optional string inDesc)


native final function GetLinkedObjects (out array<SequenceObjectout_Objects, optional class<SequenceObjectObjectType, optional bool bRecurse)

Gets all SequenceObjects that are contained by this SequenceObject.


  • out_Objects - will be filled with all ops that are linked to this op via the VariableLinks, OutputLinks, or InputLinks arrays. This array is NOT cleared first.
  • ObjectType - if specified, only objects of this class (or derived) will be added to the output array.
  • bRecurse - if TRUE, recurse into linked ops and add their linked ops to the output array, recursively.


native noexport final function GetObjectVars (out array<ObjectobjVars, optional string inDesc)

Returns all the objects linked via SeqVar_Object, optionally specifying the link to filter by.

Fixme: localization


native final function bool HasLinkedOps (optional bool bConsiderInputLinks) const

Determines whether this sequence op is linked to any other sequence ops through its variable, output, event or (optionally) its input links.


  • bConsiderInputLinks - specify TRUE to check this sequence ops InputLinks array for linked ops as well


TRUE if this sequence op is linked to at least one other sequence op.


native final virtual function PopulateLinkedVariableValues ()

Copies the values from member variables contained by this sequence op into any VariableLinks attached to that member variable.


native final virtual function PublishLinkedVariableValues ()

Copies the values from all VariableLinks to the member variable [of this sequence op] associated with that VariableLink.



event Activated ()

Called when this event is activated.


event Deactivated ()

Called when this event is deactivated.

Other instance functions[edit]


function Controller GetController (Actor TheActor)

utility to try to get a Controller out of the given Actor (tries looking for a Pawn if necessary)


function Pawn GetPawn (Actor TheActor)

utility to try to get a Pawn out of the given Actor (tries looking for a Controller if necessary)


function Reset ()