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UE3:Set the Material parameter

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To set a Material's parameter from UnrealScript you will need either a MaterialInstanceConstant(UDK, UT3) or a MaterialInstanceTimeVarying(UDK, UT3). If you only have aMaterial(UDK, UT3), you will need to create a MaterialInstance for that first.

Once you have a MaterialInstance, you can use its Set*() functions to assign a value to any of the material's parameters, for example:

theMaterialInstance.SetTextureParameterValue('aTextureParameter', someTexture);
theMaterialInstance.SetTextureParameterValue('aVectorParameter', FancyLinearColor);
theMaterialInstance.SetTextureParameterValue('aScalarParameter', CoolEffectSpeed);

You can reset all parameters to their defaults by calling the MaterialInstance's ClearParameterValues() function.