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UE3:UIStyleResolver (UT3)

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UT3 Interface >> UIStyleResolver
Known implementing classes:
UIComp_DrawImage, UIComp_DrawString, UIComp_DrawCaption, UIComp_DrawStringEditbox, UIComp_DrawStringSlider, UIComp_DrawTeamColoredImage, UIComp_UTDrawStateImage, UIComp_UTGlowString
This interface in other games:

Provides an interface for dealing with non-widgets that have UIStyleReferences which need to be resolved when the widget's style is resolved.

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Native functions[edit]


native function name GetStyleResolverTag ()

Returns the tag assigned to this UIStyleResolver by whichever object manages its lifetime.


native function bool NotifyResolveStyle (UISkin ActiveSkin, bool bClearExistingValue, optional UIState CurrentMenuState, const optional name StylePropertyName)

Notifies this style resolver to resolve its style references.


  • ActiveSkin - the skin the use for resolving the style reference.
  • bClearExistingValue - if TRUE, style references will be invalidated first.
  • CurrentMenuState - the menu state to use for resolving the style data; if not specified, uses the current menu state of the owning widget.
  • StyleProperty - if specified, only the style reference corresponding to the specified property will be resolved; otherwise, all style references will be resolved.


native function bool SetStyleResolverTag (name NewResolverTag)

Changes the tag assigned to the UIStyleResolver to the specified value.