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UE3:UnrealEd toolbar

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This article provides an overview of the Unreal Editor's main toolbar.

The toolbar of Unreal Tournament 3 Editor.
UT3-UnrealEd-Toolbar-New.png New
New level, like File -> New.
UT3-UnrealEd-Toolbar-Open.png Open
Opens a level, like File -> Open.
Brings up a list of recently opened levels, like File -> Recent.
UT3-UnrealEd-Toolbar-Save.png Save
Saves the current level, like File -> Save Current Level.
UT3-UnrealEd-Toolbar-SaveAll.png Save All
Saves all open levels, like File -> Save All.
UT3-UnrealEd-Toolbar-Undo.png Undo
Takes back a previous user action, like Edit -> Undo.
UT3-UnrealEd-Toolbar-Redo.png Redo
Restores a previously undone user action, like Edit -> Redo.
Clipping distance slider
Adjusts the far clipping plane distance, i.e. how far you can see in the viewports.
UT3-UnrealEd-Toolbar-MouseLock.png Mouse lock
Mouse can only be used to select actors, not to move, rotate or scale them.
UT3-UnrealEd-Toolbar-ShowWidget.png Show widget
Like Edit -> Show Widget.
UT3-UnrealEd-Toolbar-Translate.png Translation widget
Activates the translation widget, like Edit -> Translate.
UT3-UnrealEd-Toolbar-Rotate.png Rotation widget
Activates the rotation widget, like Edit -> Rotate.
UT3-UnrealEd-Toolbar-Scale.png Scaling widget
Activates the uniform scaling widget, like Edit -> Scale.
UT3-UnrealEd-Toolbar-ScaleNonUniform.png Non-uniform scaling widget
Activates the non-uniform scaling widget.
Reference Coordinate System
The reference coordinate system for the translation widget.
Moves the actor along the global X, Y and Z axes, i.e. independently from its rotation.
Moves the actor along its local X, Y and Z axes, i.e. according to its rotation.
UT3-UnrealEd-Toolbar-Search.png Search
Brings up the actor search dialog.
UT3-UnrealEd-Toolbar-Fullscreen.png Fullscreen
Toggles fullscreen mode. Fullscreen mode is similar to maximizing the editor window, but additionally hides the title bar and Windows task bar.
UT3-UnrealEd-Toolbar-Cut.png Cut
Copies selected actor(s) to the clipboard and removes them from the level.
UT3-UnrealEd-Toolbar-Copy.png Copy
Copies selected actor(s) to the clipboard and leaves them in the level.
UT3-UnrealEd-Toolbar-Paste.png Paste
Adds actor(s) from the clipboard to the level.
UT3-UnrealEd-Toolbar-Generic.png Open the Generic browser
Opens the Generic Browser.
UT3-UnrealEd-Toolbar-Kismet.png Open UnrealKismet
Opens the Kismet editor.
UT3-UnrealEd-Toolbar-BrushPolys.png Toggle Brush Polys
UT3-UnrealEd-Toolbar-PrefabLock.png Toggle Prefab Lock
UT3-UnrealEd-Toolbar-DistributionToggle.png Toggle raw distribution curves
UT3-UnrealEd-Toolbar-SocketSnapToggle.png Toggle socket snapping
UT3-UnrealEd-Toolbar-BuildGeometry.png Build Geometry
Builds only geometry.
UT3-UnrealEd-Toolbar-BuildLighting.png Build Lighting
Builds only lighting.
UT3-UnrealEd-Toolbar-BuildPaths.png Build Paths
Builds only paths.
UT3-UnrealEd-Toolbar-BuildCoverNodes.png Build Cover Nodes
UT3-UnrealEd-Toolbar-BuildAll.png Build All
Builds the level.
Propagation target
UT3-UnrealEd-Toolbar-StartPropagation.png ???
UT3-UnrealEd-Toolbar-Play.png In-Editor Play
Opens a new viewport for in-editor play.
UT3-UnrealEd-Toolbar-PublishCook.png Publish the loaded maps