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There are many ways to help the wiki. Our goal is to document UnrealEd and all technical aspects of the Unreal Engine relevant to creating maps and mods for Unreal Engine games, as well as writing tutorials on how to achieve various goals with UnrealEd and the Unreal Engine. Anyone who would like to help is welcome to contribute.

The Unreal Wiki does not seek to document the player's view of Unreal games or any information related to server administration. These are the goals of Liandri Archives and the Unreal Admin Wiki respectively, which are separate projects not directly related to UnrealWiki. However, we encourage our visitors and contributors to help those two projects as well and to create cross-links between them where it makes sense.

Editors are free to work on any project that they find interesting. If you're reading a page and see something that needs to be fixed, just click on the "edit" button and fix it. If you're looking for something that needs to be done, this page provides some suggestions.

General page improvement[edit]

The ideas in this section can be applied to almost any page on the site; while you are reading articles, keep in mind whether any of these improvements are needed on the page. In addition, there are various categories and special pages where articles that have been tagged as needing improvements are listed. You can browse through any of those categories and see if any of the pages are on topics that you're knowledgeable about. Or you can add any page that you think needs maintenance to a category to let other editors know that page needs work.

If you're uncertain about anything, or have any questions you'd like answered before jumping in and starting to edit, feel free to ask! You can post any questions you might have on this article's talk page or any other relevant talk page on the site, and an editor will try to help out.

Create new articles[edit]

Are we missing something? If there are a lot of pages that link to an empty page, you may want to create it. Links in blue represent pages that have been created, and links in red represent pages that have not been created. If an editor creates a red link, it is an indication that he believes an article should be created at the target location.

Not all red link pages should be immediately created. Before creating a new page at the target location you should:

  • First check whether a page discussing that topic already exists. If so, fix all of the links and make them point to the correct page instead.
  • Only create a new page if you can fill in more than a single sentence. New pages should try to provide a complete discussion of the page's topic. If you don't know enough to fill in more than one sentence, it is better to leave the page as a red link. Then other editors can more easily identify which pages need work.

If you believe there should be an article on the other end of a link and you have some good ideas about what to put there, then by all means start writing it!

  • Wanted pages provides a list of all the pages that exist as "red links". Click on the page name to create it; click on the "# links" link to see what pages have the links and fix those pages if more appropriate.

Expanding articles[edit]

Many articles can be expanded and improved upon. You could roam the site looking for articles that you feel are too vague, then elaborate on them. You could also expand upon stub pages, which are articles that have not received substantial attention from other editors and do not have a sufficient amount of information.

  • Category:Stubs provides a list of minimal length articles that need to be fleshed out.

Cleaning up articles[edit]

There are (unfortunately) always articles that do not meet the site's style guidelines. Some common problems with articles include:

  • Incorrect spelling or grammar.
  • Use of first person perspective.
  • Pages that do not include proper wiki formatting.

Pages that have been identified as needing to be cleaned up are listed at:

Adding suggestions[edit]

If you believe any article needs improvements or fixes, but you don't know how to do it yourself, then post a message on the article's talk page. For example, if you don't understand anything on this article or think that there is missing information, just edit the talk page (also accessible on any page by clicking the link that says "discussion") and type in your suggestions. Suggestions on how to make it easier to find information or pointers about basic information that has been overlooked is particularly welcome: the more experienced editors who add a lot of the wiki's content have a hard time remembering what it was like as a new editor ;)

Adding links[edit]

Many necessary links between wiki pages are missing, which makes it harder for readers to find information. If you are reading a page and realize that it contains few or no links, add some (but don't go overboard).

An even more prevalent problem with wiki pages is that links to the page are often missing. When new pages are created, editors will often make sure to place all the necessary links from the page, but it can be much less convenient to track down all the other pages that should link to their new page. While looking over a page, click on the "What Links Here" button (in the toolbox at the bottom of the left-hand side of the page), and see whether the list of "What Links Here" pages seems comparable in length to the number of links on the page. If you only see two or three pages in "What Links Here", check whether any of the linked-to pages could be improved with a new link or two.

  • Orphaned pages: pages that are not linked to by any other wiki pages. In general, other pages should be edited to add links to these pages (although there are exceptions, i.e., permanently orphaned pages that do not need to be fixed).
  • Category:Pages needing wikification: pages in general need of wiki formatting, which often includes adding links.

Adding images[edit]

There are many screenshots, maps, and other images that would help to make articles more informative. Help:Images provides information on image formats and how to obtain good quality screenshots.

Other maintenance[edit]

Other categories and special pages that list pages needing maintenance include:

Helping the community[edit]

Monitoring articles[edit]

Unfortunately, many people who do not understand our goals come through here and make careless edits or edits that otherwise do not comply with the style guide; vandalism occasionally happens. These edits are caught and fixed by editors who monitor the recent changes. While there are some patrollers who are given a couple of special tools to help monitor recent changes, any editors are welcome to help out. Sometimes this means rewording a new contribution to a page, and sometimes this means deleting it.

If you find that you enjoy monitoring the recent changes page and tend to be frequently checking it, you may wish to nominate yourself to join the site's patrollers.

Answering questions[edit]

There are frequently questions that get asked by other contributors on article talk pages. If you know the answer (or even a partial answer) to any question, feel free to answer it. Recent questions can be identified from the recent changes page; older questions can be found by checking the talk pages of articles that you are reading.

Helping other users[edit]

Many users don't know some of the ways they can help on the wiki. You could help them out by sharing with them some of your knowledge, and encouraging them to get active and find something to start editing. A good way is to look at the recent changes page and to look for newcomers or anonymous editors who have been making some good edits. Encourage them to get a new account if they haven't, and show them around the community.

Public relations[edit]

We need more people that are interested in reading what we write about, and we need more people that are interested in writing. The Unreal Wiki does not advertise formally, so it requires people like you to spread the word to make this site bigger and better. Don't resort to spamming, because it makes us look bad and makes people unhappy, but just keep an eye out for people that may be interested. You could put a link to us in your signature on the official forums, for example, or you could show people who need help some of our articles.


The task list provides a list of projects that other editors have identified as needing to be done. Everyone is invited to look through the list and add new projects or find projects that they would like to work on.

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