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UE Explorer is an UnrealScript decompiler for Unreal Engine 1, 2 and 3. Written in C# with a straight forward user-friendly UI(User Interface). Giving you an easily organized TreeView so that you can decompile each Field individually.

The tool supports all games from Epic Games and most games built on the Unreal Development Kit(UDK).

You can view the latest support table on Eliot's Portfolio


  • Can decompile UnrealScript from all engine generations
  • Comments are fetched from the MetaData object and inserted into the decompiled code if available!
  • DefaultProperties
    • All basic data types
    • Structs and Arrays
    • Archetypes/Subobjects
  • Shows a detailed dependency treeview showing which content is used from a dependent package
  • Export all classes using the commandline
  • Export sounds to .WAV from Unreal Engine 2 games
  • Inbuilt Hex-Viewer(Find out easily where an object or table is located in the package)
  • View Tokens mode for decompiled bytecode to easily understand the token sequence of code if you're interested in hex-editing code
  • Hex-Viewer will auto-generate and visually show where each bytecode token starts at

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