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I won't make a huge talk about myself. Most of my released maps are junks and my tutorials are useless talks, but I like to think someday, somewhere,s omebody will find themuseful of fun.


Hellkeeper is an amateur level designer (First Build : 1989), made in Paris, France.It features XHTML, CSS, PHP, Unrealed 2.0 and Unrealed 3.0 support. Also, makes a great coffee if used with the "coffee-machine" Plug-In.

First Build : 1409/1989. Many updates since.

  • Video Games : Unreal, Unreal Tournament, Unreal Tournament 2004, War§ow
  • 2D : Paint.Net (mostly), Paint Shop Pro, Photoshop.
  • Level design : UnrealEd, version 1.0, 2.0 et 3.0, stable.
  • Code : WebExpert untila few monthes. Mostly TextPad now.
  • Planned updates : Blender (not confirmed), gtkRadient (not confirmed), better PHP support (confirmed).

Where ?

Hellkeeper, is available as a Level designer but also as the writer of many tutorials on :

Common use

Available for free as a mapper, tutorials-writer, Unrealed-helper. Any other use could have random and horrible consequences.


Post-Mortems should be available for released maps soon.

Hellkeeper is going through a crysis, UT3's release ahving made it incompatible with post-2004 Epic's Games. No UT3 support planned.