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Old Discussion[edit]

ZxAnPhOrIaN: Hallo... (I am currently in German class, BTW) Hi and welcome to the wiki! :) :tup: Your program makes it easier to create the custom toolbar rather than haking at the ini file! ;)

Jan: THX ;)

Tarquin: hey :) glad to see you've made yourself a page.

Wormbo: Welcome to the site. :) (Zxan, you should better pay attention to your German class instead of browsing the Wiki... ;))

ZxAnPhOrIaN: Bitte! ;)

Tarquin: Jan, reply to your question "How can I create a main page and some subpages for the Unreal Wiki?" – do you mean on this wiki or an installation of this software elsewhere? Just create a page, and on that page create links User:Jan/Like This. They will be subpages.

Jan: THX

RavuAlHemio: Ahhh, how fortunate, another German-speaking member. Pleased to meet you, I live in Vienna, Austria.

Jan: Nice to meet you too. Germans are everywhere. ;)