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AI Scripting allows enemies (and friends) to be controlled via external .ucs files that can be changed without map rebuilding. Almost every important NPC (non player character) in Unreal II has a long and detailed script behind it controlling its behavious and actions under various conditions. Note that .ucs files can only be attached to pawns which are subclassed from U2NPCControllerScriptable. See also AI Scripting Reference.

By contrast, in UT200x, the term "AIScripting" more commonly refers to any custom scripting meant to control bots or NPCs done via AIScript actors using ScriptedActions. See also ScriptedSequence.

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SuperApe: Classes related to bot support moved here, as it relates more closely to AIScripting and does not relate to stock bot suppot methods.

SuperApe: To be a little more current, this page titled "AI Scripting" should probably be centered around the process of directing Pawn classes via an AIScript actor's ScriptedController and ScriptedActions in UT200x. AIScripting using external .ucs files seems like a relic from UT99/UT2 days. For now, people looking for info on using AIScripts (ScriptedSequences) and ScriptedActions should head over to Trigger Systems as a starting point.