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Legacy:Acidsphinx's Journal Into UT3

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The exact final product to this page has changed slightly, originally I had planned on a set of tutorials that would show how a DeathMatch map, which I am still working on, was made, hopefully in enough detail that anyone could follow it.

However, because of the fact that I am reaching a little further than I had originally planned, I now want the first set of tutorials to orientate around custom content and how it was made, while showing also how it can be applied through the DM-SeismicCanyon map, hoepfully showcasing a lot of what is included in the content pack.

The focus has shifted from just getting a DeathMatch map compleated and documented, to a long term mission to provide a lot of content based on Siesmic Canyons theme, and documenting it here, as well as providing a small showcase file via FileFront of each specific element added to the pack.

I have also started looking for more people to jump on board this little escapade. While I have only just started this section recently and there is little here so far, I think this could be a lot of fun, and am looking forward to making it a good resource for custom map makers.

If this useage of BuF's wiki is not accepted by the admin I will probably move it elsewhere.

Current Task: Rearanging this section of the wiki to match the change in focus of this project.

Making Seemless Textures from Photographic Sources - A quick and easy method!

Brimstone and Sulphur Content Pack Documentation and Links

The Making of DM-SiesmicCanyon Using Brimstone and Sulphur Content Pack

Everything Below Here is to be eventually ERASED and rewritten in the new section.[edit]

DM-Siesmic Canyon[edit]

Miscellanious Infos[edit]

DM-Seismic Canyon Foreword

DM-Siesmic Canyon Links

DM-Siesmic Canyon Planning

DM-Siesmic Canyon Files

Practicle Guides[edit]

Part #01 - A quick mesh for DM-Siesmic Canyon, the asociated procedure of making all aspects of the mesh, and importing it for use in the UT3 Editor (UTEd4)

Note: This Part has files (see above), it is nearly compleate, and ready for revision.

Part 01 DM-Siesmic Canyon Textures

Part 01 DM-Siesmic Canyon Static Meshes

Part 01 DM-Siesmic Canyon Mesh Import

Part 01 DM-Siesmic Canyon Cascade Particles

Part 01 DM-Siesmic Canyon A Quick Test Note: This chapter needs to be rewritten to correspond to the downloadable example

Part #02 - A briney sulphurous pool of water, the asociated procedures of making the pool from scratch, with custom effects for use in the UT3 Editor (UTEd4)

Note: This chapter is flawed, and requires to be totally restructured.

Note: This chapter is also in the process of being totally rewritten.

Part 02 DM-Siesmic Canyon Textures

Part 02 DM-Siesmic Canyon UTMaterials

Part 02 DM-Siesmic Canyon Shallow and Deep Water

What I learnt from writing the Practicle Guide - Summarized[edit]

Part 01-Using VertexColoring to Smoothly Texture Static Meshes

Part 01-Touching on Emitters