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UT :: Object (UT) >> Actor (UT) (Property Group: Display)

(see Actor/Display for the UT2003 version)

Properties that every Actor (UT) has which control its display in the game.

Some of these also have an effect in UnrealEd, which is why working with coronas is such a right pain.

"Ambient brightness, or 255=pulsing"
"Filter this sprite by its Visibility volume." Huh?
"Curvy mesh."
Render Mesh environment-mapped with Texture
If True, model textures are not filtered and will look blocky and stretched. For some stupid reason the Weapon superclass has this set to True by default.
Given Mesh, particles (sprites drawn as Texture) are drawn where each mesh vertex would be.
If bParticles = True, each particle texture is randomly selected from Texture and the MultiSkins array.
"Casts Shadows" (not yet implemented?)
Actor is rendered fully lit.
Scale by which actor is drawn
float LODBias 
This will affect the distance at which the engine starts simplifying the mesh. If your new model has parts that are pretty thin, or even have a single face, raise this number.
How actor should be rendered as. (More exist than those listed below, but they are unused.) Legal Don't exist or..?
  • DT_None – Don't render. Not visible.
  • DT_Sprite – Draw as sprite (2d) using Texture/Sprite
  • DT_Mesh – Draw as mesh (3d) using Mesh, mapped with Skin
  • DT_Brush – Draw as brush
  • DT_SpriteAnimOnce – Draw as Sprite, and, if an animation sequence, only animate once.
Expansion or compression of mesh along its normals. Default = 128. It's this property that is changed by the PressureZone in DM-Pressure.
3d model to render actor as in the world and editor if DrawType=DT_Mesh.
"Multiplies lighting"
Use a value from 0...1 at scaleglow=0 an actor is very dark. Also when drawstyle = STY_Translucent a value of 0.0 means the actor is totally transparent. Slowly change this from 1 down to 0 in script to make things fade into transparency.
Texture to be mapped onto Mesh.
Texture to be rendered if DrawType=DT_Sprite.
"Distance forward to draw sprite from actual location"
Technique to use while rendering.
  • STY_None – don't render.
  • STY_Normal – render normally.
  • STY_Masked – all pixels with the first color in the palette (palette entry 0) are made completely transparent.
  • STY_Translucent – variable translucency based on brightness. Black is invisible, grey is 50%, white is opaque.
  • STY_Modulated – render texture modulated; RGB(127,127,127) is transparent. Deeper shades darken, lighter shades lighten.
See Color Blending for a more detailed explanation.
For actors like Trigger, this is the icon displayed in the editor. Texture to be rendered if DrawType=DT_Sprite and Sprite=None. Environment-mapping texture if bMeshEnviroMap=True.
"cylinder. Zero=infinite visibility."
"Actor is drawn if viewer is within its visibility"

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