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;LightPhase: Start of light animation cycle.  
;LightPhase: Start of light animation cycle.  
;LightRadius: Radius of the light.  
;LightRadius: Radius of the light.  
;LightType: What kind of light (Further [[# LightTypes|down]] for specs.).  
;LightType: What kind of light (Further [[#LightTypes|down]] for specs.).  
;VolumeBright: When in a FogZone, used to set how bright the fog around the light source is.
;VolumeBright: When in a FogZone, used to set how bright the fog around the light source is.
;VolumeFog: When in a FogZone, sets how thick the fog is around the light.
;VolumeFog: When in a FogZone, sets how thick the fog is around the light.

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Any actor can be made to give off light by setting these properties. For example, it's often useful when testing Triggers to make them cast a small circle of light so you know where to walk to activate them.


This property group determines the colour of the light. For examples of settings, see Colors.

How bright the light should be from source and outwards.
Allows you to select a color through the default color spectrum. The values range from 0 to 255. Affects the color chosen.
This value sets the amount of white light to mix with the color selected. If the value is set to 0, it will be the pure color. The higher the value, the less rich the color becomes. This is very effective when creating realistic lighting schemes. The default saturation is 127. Affects the chosen color.


Adds a corona to the light (the effect that is often called a "lens flare", incorrectly). A texture needs to be set under Display -> Skin. See Corona for full instructions.
Light only affect walls and items with the Special Lit true. See Special Lit for more information.
Changes the size of the lightbeam in specific lights such as the spotlight.
Adds an animation to the light. (Further down for specs.)
Sets speed of selected LightType and/or LightEffect.
Start of light animation cycle.
Radius of the light.
What kind of light (Further down for specs.).
When in a FogZone, used to set how bright the fog around the light source is.
When in a FogZone, sets how thick the fog is around the light.
When in a Fogzone, sets the distance in which the light casts fog.
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Light effects are animated shapes that affect surfaces within its radius.

Makes the light shimmer a little, ideal when used in conjunction with animated flames (such as in the GreatFire texture package).
As the TorchWaver but more "drastic". Best when used with large-scale flame animations.
Also like the TorchWaver but more wave and glimmer feel. Best if used with water animated textures.
A rotating spotlight (Adjust speed with LightPeriod).
A wave that starts from the middle and flows out.
As SlowWave but at a faster rate.
A small pulsating light, fast up and slowly down.
Light Effect: Disco
Think disco ball rotating glittering light specs.
Simply a spotlight (set bDirectional).
Light Effect: Non-Incidence
Makes the light stronger and reduce the amount of shadow umbra.
Light Effect: Shell
Shell Only
lights the actual LightRadius (a hollow sphere).
This a light that only light up actors (players) and not the geometry.
Light Effect: Interference
Light waves that goes from bottom to the top.
Light Effect: Cylinder
Creates a light cylinder instead of a standard sphere.
Like Interference but moves sideways instead, like a fan.
It's a unused space in the editor that does nothing, same effect as far as I can tell as none.


Light types affect the brightness and darkness values of a lights' lighteffect.

No light is cast.
Light Type: Steady
The light is is constant; it does not animate. Default setting. Note that the light quickly fades to into the shadow umbra.
A "heavily" pulsating light.
Randomly turns light off for a split second.
Randomly turns light on/off at random intervals.
Fast switching between light on and off.
As Pulse but less "deep".
The light colour will cycle once through the texture palette selected for Skin.
As TexturePaletteOnce but loops. The value of LightPeriod sets the speed. For an example of this effect, look at the neon lights that glow blue to white in UT's DM-Phobos. There are texture palettes suitable for this effect in the GenFX.utx texture package.

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Other actor properties that are relevant to casting light:

Advanced -> bDirectional
Shows a directional arrow on an actor in UnrealEd. This allows rotation to be set with the mouse as well as in the Actor (UT)/Movement properties. Spotlights have this set to true by default.
Display -> DrawScale
Affects light actor size in editor and size of a corona in game.
Display -> Skin
The texture used for a lens flare and TexturePaletteOnce/Loop effect.

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