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UT2003 :: Actor >> Pickup >> TournamentPickup >> AdrenalinePickup (Package: XPickups)

This is the adreneline pickup class. Useful when fiddling with adreneline mutators.


This property is hidden.

float AdrenalineAmount 
Amount of adrenaline to award the Controller who picks this up.


float DetourWeight( Pawn Other, float PathWeight ) 
Value of this path to take a quick detour (usually 0, used when on route to distant objective, but want to grab inventory, for example).


float BotDesirability( Pawn Bot ) 
This returns MaxDesirability unless Bot.Controller.bHuntPlayer is true or Bot.Controller.NeedsAdrenaline() returns false.


Pickup (auto) 
When the function Touch is called, the Other's Pawn.Controller.AwardAdrenaline( AdrenalineAmount ) function is called (if ValidTouch(Other)), the pickup is announced and set to respawn.

Source Code[edit]

The Legacy:AdrenalinePickup/Script page lists all the code for the class, heavily commented for learning.

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