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UT2003 :: Actor >> Pickup >> TournamentPickup (Package: XPickups)

A non-placeable parent class for Pickups.

Source Code[edit]

As you can see, TournamentPickup gets the vast majority of it's functionality from it's parent, the Pickup class. This code is commented for learning.

// TournamentPickup.
class TournamentPickup extends Pickup;  // the class (TournamentPickup) and it's parent (Pickup)
// The special effect that you see when the object respawns.
function RespawnEffect()
	bAmbientGlow=true                      // true or false, is there an ambient glow?
	MessageClass=class'PickupMessagePlus'  // the message class for putting messages on-screen

Known Subclasses[edit]

  +- TournamentHealth
  +- AdrenalinePickup
  +- UDamagePack
  +- ShieldPickup