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UT :: Actor (UT) >> NavigationPoint (UT) >> AlarmPoint (Package: Engine)

Under a ScriptedPawn's properties you'll find an "Orders" tab. Expand it and you find an AlarmTag tab. Enter the tag of the AlarmTag you want this pawn to act towards. An AlarmTag is, as the name kinda reveals, an actor that the Pawns react to when they are "alarmed" – or more simply put when they see the player/players.


name AlarmAnim 
The anim played when the pawn is alarmed: enter the name of an animation for the pawn's model. To see available animations, look in the Mesh Browser.
sound AlarmSound 
The sound played when the pawn is alarmed
bool bAttackWhilePaused 
Uncertain on this one but I think this option, when set to true, will make the pawn stop each time he wishes to fire. He won't move and shoot at the same time
bool bDestroyAlarmTriggerer 
Destroys whatever set the "alarm" off (usually the player)
bool bKillMe 
if set to true the pawn reach an AlarmPoint that has this tab set to true it will be removed from the level (The pawn, not the tag:)
bool bNoFail 
if set to true the pawn is obsesed with succeeding with whatever script the AlarmTag holds and nothing but death will stop it
bool bStopIfNoEnemy 
if set to true the pawn will halt with what he is doing and return to his idle animations
bool bStrafeTo 
if set to true the pawn will strafe rather than walking straight to this point
float DuckTime 
If set to 0 the pawn will ignore it. If set to 1 or above the pawn will duck during the time of "1" something (miliseconds is it? seconds?)
name NextAlarm 
Enter the tag of anohter AlarmPoint to form a chain, or a path which the pawn will follow. They run trough this course doing whatever is selected in the AlarmPoints' options
float PauseTime 
If set to 0 the pawn will ignore it. If set to 1 or above the pawn will pause (stand still) at this point during the time entered in the tab
name ShootTarget 
Write the Tag of an actor here to make the pawn attack it

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SuperApe: Based on the property usage, I made educated guesses as to the property type, but I do not have UT to check against. If incorrect, please fix.