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Well. Thats me :)

About me[edit]

This is the second attempt to do something useful in UScript now. I'm a real UScript newbie but fortunately I've got longer experience in other programming languages like C/C++/Perl/little PHP/little Assembler. This makes it easy for me to learn Uscript because I don't have to fight with the syntax. The only problem is to get the connections behind all this code.

Stuff I'm doing[edit]

At the moment I'm tinkering around a bit and are trying to do rather useless stuff like ShieldGuns spawning Warheads or creating ShieldGuns that should lock projectiles hitting the Shield to the gun and stuff.

In the end only the Warhead launching ShieldGun worked but that's another story ;)

Yesterday I finished my Impulse Gun which I'm kind of proud of because it's the first useful modification I made :D