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Legacy:Canvas (UT3)

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UT3 :: Object (UT3) >> Canvas (Package: Engine)

A drawing canvas.

Instances of this class are provided for drawing onto the HUD or (since UT3 Patch 2) into a ScriptedTexture (UT3).


Font (UT3) Font 
Font for DrawText.
float OrgX
float OrgY 
Origin for drawing.
float ClipX
float ClipY 
Bottom right clipping region.
float CurX
float CurY 
Current position for drawing.
float CurYL 
Largest Y size since DrawText.
color DrawColor 
Color for drawing.
bool bCenter 
Whether to center the text.
bool bNoSmooth 
Don't bilinear filter.
int SizeX
int SizeY 
Zero-based actual dimensions.
pointer Canvas{FCanvas} 
pointer SceneView{FSceneView} 
plane ColorModulate 
Texture2D DefaultTexture 



Specifies a region on a texture.

Texture2D Texture 
Source texture
float U
float V 
Left upper corner coordinates of the texture region.
float UL
float VL 
Width and height of the region.

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