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Legacy:Console (DX)

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DX :: Object (DX) >> Console (Engine)

A player console, associated with a viewport.

This is a built-in Unreal class and it shouldn't be modified.

Xhiris: Yet again, Ion Storm didn't listen to this advice...

Differences from UT

  • defaultproperties in UT has package for fontname, DX doesn't


DrawLevelAction( canvas C )
DrawSingleView( Canvas C )
bool KeyEvent( EInputKey Key , EInputAction Action , FLOAT Delta )
  • UT has a new "hook for mod authors"
  • DX uses Shift-Tilde for console? (UT handling in DX is commented out)
Type( )
Moved to PlayerPawn (DX)
ViewDown( )
Implementation is commented out
ViewUp( )
Implementation is commented out


PostRender( canvas C )
Tick( float Delta )
New stuff added