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Legacy:Object (DX)

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DX :: Object (Core)

The base class of all objects.


See Object (UT).


See Object (UT).

Xhiris: TODO: Define ObjectFlags, ObjectInternal or copy definitions


See Built-in Structs (UT), specifically ESheerAxis.


See Built-in Structs (UT).

Xhiris: What's "scale and sheering?"


AllObjects( class<object> BaseClass , out object Object )
Included in Deus Ex and Unreal Engine versions later than UT. Iterates through all objects, including all loaded classes. (see also Iterator)
clock( out int cycles )
DEUS_EX STM - Clock/unclock for optimization testing. See Code Optimization
int CriticalDelete( Object myObject )
(Deus Ex) Used to delete an object instantly (no garbish collection needed).
float CyclesToSeconds( int cycles )
Convert the cycles done using clock/unclock to seconds. Used for optimization testing. See Code Optimization
string GetConfig( string ConfigSection , string ConfigKey )
Grab a ConfigKey from ConfigSection from DeusEx.
string Sprintf( string fmt , optional coerce string s0 , optional coerce string s1 , optional coerce string s2 , optional coerce string s3 )
Sprintf function for simple string formatting
* mostly useful for localized strings
* Format specifiers are - %s for string and %d for integer (Though, really, %any_single_character will work)
* Use %% to actually print the percent sign
unclock( out int cycles )
DEUS_EX STM - Clock/unclock for optimization testing. See Code Optimization

See Global_Function (UT), Vector and Rotator for others.

Xhiris: Global Function (UT) doesn't explicitly state that trig functions work in radians. Is this a problem?


See Object (UT).

Xhiris: That page doesn't explicitly define those functions as events. Is this important?


Object is heavily modified from the UT version. Most of the beginning (about the first 250 lines) are the same.

Class Tree[edit]

(see Class Tree Listing (DX))

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