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Legacy:Creating DM-Quadroid

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Tutorial: Creating DM-Quadroid for UT[edit]

Quick Introduction[edit]

This is the start of a tutorial that will walk you through building a small deathmatch level for Unreal Tournament. The level itself won't be particularly inspiring but will cover most of the things you'll need to know to start creating awesome levels yourself.

The Creating DM-Quadroid2K3 is a tutorial covering the creation of an equivalent (not identical) level in Unreal Tournament 2003. Some of the techniques used between the two versions of the engines are sufficiently different to warrant having both examples.

Creating the Map Layout[edit]

Start the Editor if you haven't already. If you don't know how to start the editor, or have problems then look at the Unreal Mapping FAQ. Remember, the Unreal editor is not the most stable of programs so save your work often.

At this point you can take you map for a quick test run. You need to Build you level and then click on the "Joystick" icon in the toolbar. If all goes well Unreal Tournament will start up and you'll be playing your map in a few seconds.

Making the Map More Interesting[edit]

Adding Items and Bot Paths[edit]

The Finishing Touches[edit]

To be continued....I'm actually out for the next couple of evenings so I'll probably not get much done. It will be finished though. Sub-pages rule OK.

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