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Legacy:Custom Toolbox Buttons

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The last group of buttons on the toolbox of the UnrealEd interface is for user-defined buttons. These are simply aliases to UnrealEd Console commands, so they're fairly limited in scope.

These are defined in UnrealEd.ini.

Custom Toolbox Syntax[edit]

The name of the section located in UnrealEd.ini
the count of all the user-defined buttons
ButtonX = Hint , Bitmap , Command
X - begins with 0, then 1,2,3 and so on
Hint - the text if mouse cursor over the button
Bitmap - the bitmap filename without extension (must be stored in System\EditorRes)
Command UnrealEd Engine Command (see UnrealEd_2_Console)


This can be added if not exists or be changed in UnrealEd.ini. This example is only used in UnrealED by a default UT2003/UT2004 installation.

Button0=Mirror X,MirrorX,Actor Mirror X=-1
Button1=Mirror Y,MirrorY,Actor Mirror Y=-1
Button2=Mirror Z,MirrorZ,Actor Mirror Z=-1
Button3=Select All Inside,SelectInside,Actor Select Inside
Button4=Clip Z in WireFrame,ClipZ,Actor Clip Z
Button5=Align view on Actor,CameraAlign,Camera Align


Toolbar Creator is a handy application that sets up custom buttons for you.


A number of packs fo useful buttons are available on the web:

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