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Toolbar Creator

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Legacy ToolbarCreator Main.gif

Toolbar Creator is an external utility for UnrealEd created by Jan "eGo" Urbansky.

It allows easy management of Custom Toolbox Buttons for the UnrealEd Toolbox.

Version 2.11 is currently available at


  • Create, Open, Saving of toolbar projects
  • Add, Edit, Delete & Sort of entries
  • Build & Remove the user defined toolbar (direct editing of UnrealEd.ini, no manually edits required)
  • Assign an UnrealED command from a built-in list of over 300 commands
  • Easy-to-use interface to add new bitmaps
  • Preview your buttons in a mock up UnrealEd toolbar
  • Language support
  • Support of several installations of UnrealEd
  • Works with UnrealEd 2.0 (425) and higher

Last Changes[edit]

Changes since 2.1

Changes since 2.0

  • added: project tabs (more then one project can be edited now)
  • added: command and template manager
  • added: three help files in english, french and german language
  • changed: options dialog rewritten
  • changed: game selection for building or reloading any toolbar
  • changed: localization support rewritten


Toolbar Creator 2.11 (build 03.11.2004)