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So now I've been playing UT2004 more then UT classic, and I've been doing better and better, especially in gametypes like Onslaught.

Unfortunately, with 2004 comes a whole new set of problems.

Lame Players[edit]

This seems to be a broad series of players. For some it's the "Cheap" Players; e.g Shieldgun Campers on the opposite sides of portals in CTF-FaceClassic.

I generally put two people into this category though: Sore Winners/Losers and general assholes. The First is easy to spot; simply look for "Just shut up and lose you dumb bitch" or "OMFG U HAK!!!"

The second, sometimes easily. If they spam the chat, it's plainly visible. But usually they'll do something else, like Spam the Voice Taunts. (Which WON'T Show who it is.) A Game of ONS-Severance I played a couple months ago had someone going "OH YEAH!!!" for about 15 minutes while he had the Leviathan. It's people like that that we should be able to tell who's Taunting. It did in UT Classic, why not UT200x?

VoIP Spammers[edit]

Another one. We don't want to hear you playing Britney Spears, we don't want to know your Recipe for Homemade Fudge, and we don't want to hear you talking on the phone. Fortunately, This SOMETIMES shows who is talking - but not always.

Vehicle Whores[edit]

Fortunately, this is a bit less of a problem now that the game's been out for over four months. But you still run into the guys who will sit and Wait for a Raptor, or a Goliath, or a Leviathan if that's availible. This translates into not everyone helping out, which usually translates into a stunning loss. GG guys, eh?

I'm not gonna go into Tactics for the most part, since they're not really Lame - Just called so. Unless you get into stuff like spawnkilling with vehicles, then that's lame. IN any end, the solution is always simple: Find another server. Unless this person is stalking you server-to-server or something, that is. Which brings me to a fourth issue...

The Buddy Menu[edit]

There REALLY should be an option to block people from seeing you that you don't want to. I've, fortunately, never had a personal stalker, but I know people who have, and it totally ruined the game for them. And it can't just be by name - People can and will alias to get around that if they REALLY love you - it needs to be by GUID. This would help a lot of people out IMO, and frankly I'm surprised it hasn't been done.

Alright, about enough for now, th steam has blown off. Questions, comments, and queries are welcomed, as usual.