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This is a reference page for all menu commands which export / import data. Simple instructions are elsewhere on:

Importing commands[edit]

File -> Open[edit]


  • UNR map file format

File -> Import...[edit]


  • T3D Unreal Text format

Brush -> Open Brush[edit]


  • U3D Unreal brush binary format

This sometimes works, sometimes doesn't. I suspect it has something to do with the way brush stores a reference to a model object which holds the shape information.

Brush -> Import...[edit]


Exporting commands[edit]

Brush -> Export...[edit]

saves the red builder brush, no matter what is currently selected


  • T3D Unreal Text format

File -> Export...[edit]

Saves the whole map as a T3D File. Useful for using MapScale, for example.
Keep in mind that at least with UE1 strings are cut off after 1023 characters while writing it to the T3D File.

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