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A node in a bot path network that's blocked or unblocked depending on the state of a mover. In other words, a door.

See also UDN: NavigationAI.


name DoorTag 
Tag of the Mover associated with this Door path node. The mover's state (open or closed) determines whether the door can be passed by bots or not.
You can't use multiple movers with the same tag and individual Door actors – UnrealEd will complain that the the mover specification via DoorTag is ambiguous, and bots won't use all but the first door.
If you want to use several movers with a single Door actor, for example a double door, UnrealEd also complains. However it appears to work in the case that the door is triggered externally, ie bots don't need to do anything to open the door. Other cases not tested.
name DoorTrigger 
Tag of an Actor associated with this door. When the door is closed and bots want to pass, they will approach this actor. Usually this will be a Trigger that opens the door. But one thing to watch out for is if the trigger is behind a wall or in some other place in the map. Since the trigger isn't a part of the path network system, the bot will go in a straight line towards the actor and fail to reach it. To solve this, place a pathnode where the trigger is, and set its tag (and not the trigger's) to the same as DoorTrigger. This will work if the bot only have to touch the trigger. Only problem is that if the bot finds something it wants when moving towards the trigger, it will "forget" about it and do something else.
bool bInitiallyClosed 
Specifies whether the door is closed in the mover's default state.
bool bBlockedWhenClosed 
Specifies whether the path through this door is completely blocked when the door is closed. Bots won't even attempt to open the door if this property is set to True.


Add a Door actor in the area of the Mover that acts as a door (usually in the middle of the static mesh used for it, but low enough to touch the floor).

Movers also have a property bAutoDoor which automatically places an AutoDoor actor, which may or may not work out. You can give it a try and then manually move the AutoDoor actor to the correct position if UnrealEd didn't place it well.

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Mychaeel: About this "bots will go a straight line to the trigger since it's not path of the navigation network" – my experience with bots navigating to non-NavigationPoint actors is that they navigate using the path network to the closest NavigationPoint, then go a straight line to the target actor; but they don't try to directly go a straight line from where they're standing (the other side of a map, for instance) to the target actor. (Jailbreak 2003's bots go to triggers, for instance, but do use the path network for that.)

Smattbac: My bad, the do use the navigation network to get to the trigger, but when I tested it again now they turned around when they came to the closest pathnode to the trigger, and didn't touch the trigger.

I had the DoorTrigger set to a Pickup too once, and it was then when the bots tried to go in a straight line..