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Name: Richard "Ted" Craig
Nicks: Dr.AwkwArD, DocAwk, djthadius
Location: Orange County, CA, USA

BFA in Writing/Directing from Chapman University, School of Film and Television; background in mobile robotics and digital system design

(CalPoly Pomona); former trance and happyhardcore DJ in LA (djthadius); currently works in film production in Hollywood.


Home Page: DrAwkwArD Presents


AIM: djthad1us
MSN: tcraig@hotmail.com
Email: tcraig@hotmail.com
Email: drawkward@atomictrick.com





Guest Book[edit]

Dr.AwkwArD: Well, I guess it was time to start assembling my little neck of the woods on this here WIKI thingy. So... :)

Tarquin: Hi there. Welcome to the wiki :D

Dr.AwkwArD: Thank you, sir, thank you. I hope to contribute. :)

SuperApe: Welcome, Doc. ("Doc Awk", sounds like, "Doc Oc"; as in Doc Octopus from Fantasic Four, Spiderman comix. ;) )

Dr.AwkwArD: Indeed, a little play on words never hurt anyone. :D

SuperApe: Still in the film game?