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Name: Block Wars

Type: Total Conversion

Outline: Block wars is based on a game by Games Workshop set in the Judge Dredd universe. In Block Wars, the objective is to completely destroy the enemies building. In order to do this you must deal enough damage to each floor so that the entire building collapses. In order to deal enough damage to a floor to cause it to collapse, you must destroy all rooms on that floor. When a room (or floor) collapses, no character may enter it. The 2 buildings will be connected through any various number of ways.



  • Madman: An insanely fast hit and run man who is so insane that no one really knows which side he is on.
  • CityCorp: Your average blocker (a resident of the buildings), they guard the building zealously. The can put out fires and defuse bombs.
  • Superhero: Limited to one per team, the character can fly and is incredibly tough. Unfortunately, he can't set bombs, start fires, spray graffiti, or loot. He is just "too nice"
  • Punks: The kids know how to use weapons. However, they are mostly used to deface the enemy block with gobs of graffiti. They are also the only class that can use hoverboards.
  • Fatties: This class is so fat they have to roll on wheels. The have incredible health, but are exteremly slow. However, they can deal damage by ramming enemies.
  • Klegs: A lizard-like mercenary for hire, he goes where the money is. 2 per team.


  • Knife: Your average sharp instrument of death.
  • Stump Gun: Pump-action lethality in your hands.
  • Spitgun: Fires lead at an incredible rate.
  • Demo Charge: Used for demolishing those impetus neighbors.
  • Flamethrower: Setting things on fire is always fun.
  • Spray Paint: Non-Lethal but very demeaning to the soul
  • Missile Launcher: Launches little balls of furious death.
  • Missile Defense Lazer: Shoot down those pesky missiles, or just cause vehicles to explode. Either way, this is a fun gun.


  • Armor: Protects your fragile form.
  • Hoverboard: Allows the user to fly.
  • Jetpack: Same as hoverboard.
  • Various others


  • Line of Fire: The buildings are directly across from each other. Let the slaughter begin!


  • You may set a room on fire to deal it damage and potentially burn down the whole building
  • You can fly
  • Vehicles to traverse the streets
  • You may spray paint a room or window to increase your total points.
  • You may loot specific rooms in the building to get weapons, utilities, etc.
  • After a while another team is spawned called the "Judges". Their goal is to kill every last one of the blockers. When they spawn spawning is turned off for the blockers. As soon as all blockers are dead, the game ends.



  • Dragonmaw: Lead Modelling, Founder
  • MythOpus: Lead Coder


MythOpus: Nice idea, It'll take some time to code however... what will the spray paint do in the game though? I might start coding for this soon :D

MythOpus: Oopsies ! I don't think you should have it on this page. It might confuse people ;) IMO you should make it a subclass of your personal page or move this to the ModIdeas page :D

Dragonmaw: Yeah I need to set it as a subclass. The Spray Paint ingame will, when used, cause a selectable image to appear on the surface you are spraying on. And it would be great if you could help code, since I only know basic code. I'm more of a modeller/mapper

Mythopus: So it just behaves like the sprayer in Counter-Strike ? Ya, sure I'll help code :D I wont' be on the computer for awhile though, but when I get back, I'll start I guess :D

Dragonmaw: Yay! I'm gonna go ahead and add you to the leaders section of the document. At least we now have someone who can do heavy-duty coding, not this light shit I do :P

MythOpus: LoL. Well I don't know about heavy-duty coding right away but I'm sure doing some of this stuff will be simple :D The Sprayer could be made from a Projector that can be spawned at the press of a key-binded button :) The hover boards can be made by simply making a new ' Hover Board ' model and changing some properties of the bulldog and well ya... lol. Can you get into a little bit more detail on how to destroy a ' level ' and what do you mean by ' blocks ' ? Thanks for adding me to the leaders BTW :D

Dragonmaw: In order to destroy a "room" or "level" you must deal enough damage to either the supports or the walls themselves. A level is destroyed when all the rooms on that particular level are destroyed. And a "block" is Judge Dredd slang for a multi-story building

Mosquito: Each floor could be a static mesh, and when damage is delt, it switches to a SM that is more damaged looking until it becomes a mangled mess that is inhosipital, when all the floors in a group have reached maxium damage, they whole building just collaspes.


  • Levels/Floors:That just seems... wrong and it might be difficult for certain mappers to make a WHOLE level as a static mesh because the only way to effectively do that is to make a static mesh in an external 3D program becasue making them in UED screws everything up. I was thinking more about making static meshes of things that are more likely to explode or get burned and then do what you suggested to change the static mesh. Also, If you've played Zelda: Links Awakening for gameboy and if you remember Level 7 where you had to destry all the pillars on a certain floor and eventually destry all the floors to get to the Big Boss. I suggest something like this where you have to do a set amount of damge to certain pillars or walls on a particular floor to destroy that floor. Also, I was thinking of using a custom 'volume' zone to, when enough damage has been done to the building inside that zone, something would happen to that area that would suggest that it was destroyed.
  • Hud: For the hud, I was thiking of how to show the current damage to the floors of your building and the enemies building and I came up with this. There could be Mini-Maps on the left and right side of the map showing the floor of the building that your on. Left will be YOUR Building and the right will be the ENEMIES building. I have some other ideas for this... 1. Only show the floors of the building that your on/in. Example... if your on the 2nd floor of your base, the enemies floor won't show. and if your in Their base, only the enemies floor will show up. Or... 2. Split the height of the level up with volumes and when your in a volume that is in the same zone as in a floor of another building, the floor-map will show up for that floor. Example, if your on the 3rd floor of your building, the 3rd floor of the enemies building will also show up. The floor-map of your base can also be like a constant showing thing....

Foxpaw: How about, for destroying the buildings and whatnot, you just make decals last forever (so the more times it was hit the more scorched/damaged looking it would be) plus whenever the building gets damaged it would spawn some debris and little rocks and junk to fall out of wherever it got hit, then once a part of building was damaged enough the whole thing could disappear (via mover) and a bunch of dust and junk would come out.

MythOpus: That would work too :).... waits patiently for the last 5 mins he has on the computers at school for Dragonmaw to reply...

Dragonmaw: I discussed both ways with my dad, who got the idea for this, a long time ago. Either way works with him, so either way works for me. I like the idea for the HUD, great concept.

Dragonmaw: Have you worked on any of the code for this MythOpus, or do I need to learn it myself. I don't really wanna do it myself coding is not my forte.

MythOpus: Eek ! I forgot about this. Actually, yes, I'll put my projects on hold and start working on this asap. Where do you think I should start?

MythOpus: I've just started on the classes, however could you send me a little bit more info on what you want each class to be able to do/ not to do and stuff?

Dragonmaw: Sure. If you have an IM I can get the info to you like that, if you want.

MythOpus: Well I have msn... and if you don't have that, just e-mail it to me or post it on the over-friendly wiki :) My e-mail is

Draognmaw: Ok. My MSN login is By the way don't feel bad about not working on it I completely forgot about the project until my dad asked me how it was going. And the models on the main page have been deleted because a virus infected them :(

Mythopus: You already had models ? Wo.. lol. I am currently trying to get the Destroying the levels system to work...

Dragonmaw: Could you tell me your MSN messenger account so that I can give you more info faster? Thanks.

MythOpus: Eh... it's the sane as my e-mail ( )

MythOpus: I wonder if Dragonmaw is dea... anyhoo, I have been working again on this mod. Progress... well, I'm not sure I can actally call it progress. I'm still trying to work out the kicks in my first version of the " Destroying Levels" code but it is going as well as expected.

Dragonmaw: I'm back from an "extended" vaction, so work should be forging ahead pretty soon.

Mythopus: Well, since your back... :P I don't have anything else I'm working on anymore since Team Invasion is done :) Let's get started again.

Dragonmaw: Crap. I'm leaving on Tuesday for sunny San Francisco, so until I get back MythOpus is project lead, able to hire as he sees fit.