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UT :: Actor (UT) >> Effects (UT) >> ExplodingWall (Package: UnrealShare)
UT :: Actor (UT) >> Effects (UT) >> ExplodingWall >> BreakingGlass (Package: UnrealShare)

They Both look like a little explosion.

UT-Only information.

In UT2003 Emitters can be used to create far better glass breaking effects. The udn2:EmittersExample page has a description on how to create a Breaking Glass effect.

ExplodingWall Properties[edit]

Select the sound you'd like to use whe the wall breaks.
If you want your glass pieces to be transparent.
If you want glass pieces to be unlit.
Affects how big the explosion is. Experiment
Affects how big the explosion is. Experiment
How big the exploding pieces are. Experiment
What texture you'd like the glass to be.
If you'd like to make your wall be able to sustain some damage before exploding than use this.
How many chunks/pieces of glass. Experiment

NumWoodChunks/NumWallChunks, WallTexture/WoodTexture, WallParticleSize/WoodParticleSize are same as glass properties except they are for differnt materials. You can choose to have a mix of all three if you have a wall say which is concrete and has wood and a window or use just two or a single one. It is upto you. Have fun and experiment. Make sure that you do not have chunks that are too big and a lot of partciles on screen at once to prevent lag.

bOnlyTriggerable (in Effects)
If you'd like to set it off with a trigger instead of weapons based damage. Make sure to set Events -> Tag to tie it to a Trigger.


Breaking Glass is the same as Exploding wall actor except it has an additional property called BreakingGlass -> BreakingGlass where you can set the number of particles and size without messing in the ExplodingWall properties. You also do not need to specify a glass texture here since it is automatically set to use a default one. Basically this actor is redundant as you can do the same thing with the ExplodingWall Texture.

The tutorial Making Glass Break explains how to use this actor.

Custom Subclasses[edit]