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UT :: Actor (UT) >> Triggers (UT) >> FatnessTrigger (Package: UnrealI)

When triggered, alters the fatness of an actor from one state to another, over a set time interval.

Note: You have to use one FatnessTrigger per Actor.


FatnessTrigger Group[edit]

float ChangeTime 
Time interval for the fatness change.
int EndFatness 
Final fatness value.
name FatTag 
Only the last actor with this Tag gets its Fatness changed.
int StartFatness 
Start fatness for the actor when this trigger is activated.

Script Only[edit]

Actor (UT) FatActor 
The affected actor. This is set when the FatnessTrigger is activated.
float TimePassed 
Amount of time that has passed since the trigger was activated.

Ike Bart: I tried to use this event triggered by a trigger and it wouldn't change the fatness of any decorations that had the same tag as its FatTag. Perhaps it only works on pawns or inventory items. I'll do some more testing on pawns and other stable objects with meshes.