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Actor >> Info (UT) >> FontInfo

Loads and stores the fonts used by the ChallengeHUD classes.


float SavedWidth[7] 
Font SavedFont[7] 



Font GetHugeFont (float Width)
Font GetBigFont (float Width)
Font GetMediumFont (float Width)
Font GetSmallFont (float Width)
Font GetSmallestFont (float Width)
Font GetAReallySmallFont (float Width)
Font GetACompletelyUnreadableFont (float Width) 
Returns a font based on the width of the screen. This font is saved in the SavedFont variable for each font size.


Font GetStaticHugeFont (float Width)
Font GetStaticBigFont (float Width)
Font GetStaticMediumFont (float Width)
Font GetStaticSmallFont (float Width)
Font GetStaticSmallestFont (float Width)
Font GetStaticAReallySmallFont (float Width)
Font GetStaticACompletelyUnreadableFont (float Width) 
Loads and returns a font based on the width of the screen.