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Actor >> HUD (UT) >> ChallengeHUD

The HUD class used in DeathMatchPlus and its subclasses. (basically in all UT game types)


int SizeY 
int Count 
string CurrentMessage 
float MOTDFadeOutTime 
float IdentifyFadeTime 
PlayerReplicationInfo IdentifyTarget 
Pawn (UT) PawnOwner 
The Pawn currently managing this HUD. (May be the viewtarget of the owner rather than the owner.)
FontInfo MyFonts 
A FontInfo object used to load different font sizes for messages.
HUDLocalizedMessage ShortMessageQueue[4] 
Up to four messages displayed in the chat area.
HUDLocalizedMessage LocalMessages[10] 
Up to ten messages currently displayed on the screen.
Texture FaceTexture 
float FaceTime 
color FaceTeam 
localized string VersionMessage 
localized string PlayerCountString 
localized string MapTitleString, MapTitleString2 
localized string AuthorString, AuthorString2 
localized string RankString 
localized string SpreadString 
int PlayerCount 
bool bTiedScore 
string ReceivedMessage 
string ReceivedName 
ZoneInfo ReceivedZone 
float ReceivedTime 
Texture TutIconTex 
int TutIconX, TutIconY 
float TutIconBlink 
globalconfig int CrosshairCount 
globalconfig string CrossHairs[20] 
Texture CrossHairTextures[20] 
Texture GrayWeapons[11] 
Texture FP1[3], FP2[3], FP3[3] 
int LastReportedTime 
bool bStartUpMessage 
bool bForceScores 
bool bTimeValid 
bool bLowRes 
bool bResChanged 
int OldClipX 
bool bAlwaysHideFrags 
bool bHideCenterMessages 
globalconfig bool bHideAllWeapons 
globalconfig bool bHideStatus 
globalconfig bool bHideAmmo 
globalconfig bool bHideTeamInfo 
globalconfig bool bHideFrags 
globalconfig bool bHideHUD 
globalconfig bool bHideNoviceMessages 
globalconfig bool bHideFaces 
globalconfig bool bUseTeamColor 
globalconfig byte Opacity 
should be between 1 and 16
globalconfig float HUDScale 
globalconfig bool StatusScale 
globalconfig bool WeaponScale 
globalconfig color FavoriteHUDColor 
globalconfig bool CrosshairColor 
float Scale 
byte Style 
Set to either ERenderStyle.STY_Normal or (if Opacity < 16 and Level.bHighDetailMode == True ) ERenderStyle.STY_Translucent.
color BaseColor 
color UnitColor 
R=1, G=1, B=1
color WhiteColor, RedColor, GreenColor, CyanColor, BlueColor, GoldColor, PurpleColor, TurqColor, GrayColor 
The colors white, red, green, etc.
color HUDColor, SolidHUDColor 
color FaceColor 
localized string IdentifyName, IdentifyHealth, IdentifyCallsign 
localized string LiveFeed 
float ScoreTime 
int rank 
int lead 
vector HitPos[4] 
float HitTime[4] 
float HitDamage[4] 
float PickupTime 
Time index of the last item pickup.
float WeaponNameFade 
float MessageFadeTime 
int MessageFadeCount 
bool bDrawMessageArea 
bool bDrawFaceArea 
float FaceAreaOffset, MinFaceAreaOffset 
class<CriticalEventPlus> TimeMessageClass 
ServerInfo ServerInfo 
bool bShowInfo 
class<ServerInfo> ServerInfoClass 
globalconfig string FontInfoClass 


Exec functions[edit]

exec function SetHUDR (int n) 
exec function SetHUDG (int n) 
exec function SetHUDB (int n) 
exec function ShowServerInfo ( ) 
exec function GrowHUD ( ) 
exec function ShrinkHUD ( ) 

Simulated functions[edit]

simulated function PostRender (Canvas Canvas) 
Main rendering function.
simulated function ChangeCrosshair (int d) 
simulated function Texture LoadCrosshair (int c) 
simulated function HUDSetup (Canvas Canvas) 
simulated function DrawDigit (Canvas Canvas, int d, int Step, float UpScale, out byte bMinus ) 
simulated function DrawBigNum (Canvas Canvas, int Value, int X, int Y, optional float ScaleFactor) 
simulated function DrawStatus (Canvas Canvas) 
simulated function DrawAmmo (Canvas Canvas) 
simulated function DrawFragCount (Canvas Canvas) 
simulated function DrawGameSynopsis (Canvas Canvas) 
simulated function DrawWeapons (Canvas Canvas) 
simulated function DisplayProgressMessage (Canvas Canvas) 
simulated function TellTime (int num) 
simulated function Tick (float DeltaTime) 
simulated function DrawMOTD (Canvas Canvas) 
simulated function DrawCrossHair (Canvas Canvas, int X, int Y) 
simulated function DrawTypingPrompt (Canvas Canvas, Console Console) 
simulated function Message (PlayerReplicationInfo PRI, coerce string Msg, name MsgType) 
simulated function bool DisplayMessages (Canvas Canvas) 
simulated function float DrawNextMessagePart (Canvas Canvas, string MString, float XOffset, int YPos) 
simulated function bool TraceIdentify (Canvas Canvas) 
simulated function bool SpecialIdentify (Canvas Canvas, Actor Other) 
simulated function SetIDColor (Canvas Canvas, int type) 
simulated function DrawTwoColorID (Canvas Canvas, string TitleString, string ValueString, int YStart) 
simulated function bool DrawIdentifyInfo (Canvas Canvas) 
simulated function LocalizedMessage (class<LocalMessage (UT)> Message, optional int Switch, optional PlayerReplicationInfo RelatedPRI_1, optional PlayerReplicationInfo RelatedPRI_2, optional Object OptionalObject, optional String CriticalString ) 

Other functions[edit]

function SetDamage (vector HitLoc, float damage) 
function DrawTalkFace (Canvas Canvas, int i, float YPos) 
function bool DrawSpeechArea (Canvas Canvas, float XL, float YL) 
function Timer ( ) 
function UpdateRankAndSpread ( ) 

Known subclasses[edit]