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I am Foogod. Welcome to my page.

I hope to have something more interesting here soon, but at the moment I'm working on finishing the Assault Mapping Tutorial here on the Wiki.

If you have questions or comments about the tutorial, or anything else, feel free to post them here, and I'll do my best to answer them.

My Stylesheet[edit]

In case anybody cares, I've put together a custom stylesheet for the Wiki here which I like a bit better than the default options. You can read all about it on Legacy:Foogod/Stylesheet.

My Journal[edit]

For anyone who might be interested, I also have a (small) developer journal as well.


Mychaeel: Welcome to the wiki :-)

Graphik: Excellent work you've been doing. :tup:

Zxanphorian: Hi and welcome to the wiki :):tup: BTW: your assault mapping tutorial is awesome, it has pictures and an example map (which is always needed for a mapping tutorial) ;)

Foogod: Thanks, all.. I've learned a great deal from reading this Wiki and wanted to contribute something useful. I'd also been rather frustrated at the lack of good UT2004-Assault tutorials out there on the web, so I figured this was a good opportunity (I actually just noticed shortly before uploading all of this that MarZer had made some comments about making an Assault tutorial a little bit ago.. I hope I didn't tromple all over anything that other people were in the middle of working on themselves). I'm hoping that this tutorial will actually get people a bit more interested in making Assault maps, and hopefully good Assault maps, as that's something the UT2004 world seems to be severely lacking at the moment.. With luck, I'll have the rest of it written up and posted within a week or two..

Graphik: I wouldn't worry about duplicating things MarZer's working on; he hasn't been around in a while.

Suran: Yo im useing part of ur tutorial to make a map of my own. How would u make it so when u destroy and object it triggers a

door to open? THX in advance :) :tup: :)