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UT2003 :: Object >> MaterialFactory >> FractalTextureFactory (Package: Editor)

The material factory selectable as "Real-time Procedural Texture" in UnrealEd's New Material dialog window. This factory creates materials that are a subclass of FractalTexture, also known as "real-time procedural textures", "real-time animated textures" or "fire engine textures". (the fractal texture classes are all declared in the package Fire.u)


class<FractalTexture> Class 
The type of fractal texture to create. Defaults to WetTexture.
EResolution Height
EResolution Width 
Height and width of the fractal texture. This is an enum of type EResolution (see below) to prevent illegal values, since fractal texture dimensions must be powers of 2. Both default to 256 pixels, the larges possible dimensions for fractal textures.


Possible height and width values for the fractal textures. Values:
  • Pixels_1
  • Pixels_2
  • Pixels_4
  • Pixels_8
  • Pixels_16
  • Pixels_32
  • Pixels_64
  • Pixels_128
  • Pixels_256