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Not much to say. My name is Fabien Cortina. I'm 21, french and studying computer engineering :)


I've been mapping since DooM, yet I've only released very few maps. Many were lost, unachieved or just bad. Some others were just to test something with the editor.

My work[edit]

Lately i've been mapping for Infiltration. I never liked space platforms or cathedrals ;) I've always made realistic maps, even with DooM. Infiltration has that magic feeling so many other mods don't have. And so many great mappers produced for it: Angelheart and Spooger to name few.

Most recent maps:

  • DM-INF-DullRocks: i'm pretty happy with this one, it won a "Real Award" and a "Map of the Month" from Real Maps and was rated 91% on CombatMaps.de :)
  • AS-INF-Frozen: an attempt at assault mapping. It's very very detailed! I literally flooded the map with custom decorations. It has just been reviewed by Real Maps.

To find more info on these decos:

Freon's Deco Pack #2
Freon's Deco Pack #3


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