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UT2003 :: GUI >> GUIComponent >> GUIMultiComponent (package: XInterface)

GUIMultiComponents are collections of components that work together. When initialized, GUIMultiComponents transfer all of their components to the to the GUIPage that owns them.

The parents class of panels, pages and various input components such as scrollbars and editboxes.



bool bAlwaysAutomate 
If true, empty Controls array when InitializeControls() is called. (Generally required in order to use automated components when subclassing classes that have Controls members defined in default properties)
bool PropagateVisibility 
Does changes to visibility propagate down the line?
bool bOldStyleMenus 
Is this a UT2003 menu or UT2004? (UT2004 only)
int AnimationCount (noexport, editconst) 
Every time a component begins an animation frame, this is increased.


bool bDrawFocusedLast 
Draw focused control last. (focused control will always appear on top)
GUIComponent FocusedControl (noexport, editconst) 
Which component inside this object has focus?


array<GUIComponent> Components (noexport, editconstarray) 
An array of Controls that can be tabbed to. (components with bTabStop = true)
array<GUIComponent> Controls (editinlinenotify, export) 
An array of Components that make up this Control.

Known Subclasses[edit]

See GUI Class Hierarchy for a full tree.