Worst-case scenario: the UEd Goblin wipes the map and burns down your house.


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There's nothing about Golem on the wiki yet.

When GlmEd whines about not being able to create a Direct3D viewport and dies, lower your monitor refresh rate and restart the app.

However, BU hosts the Golem university site, which has not been updated in a long time.

What do we think of asking Chris Hargrove who created that site whether he'd like to move his courses on Golem over to the wiki where they can be expanded & completed?

Solid Snake: There is an updated version of Golem, v1.02 that is floating around. I found it in a really old thread. No idea what exactly he (Chris Hargrove) has changed however. I may consider writing some documentation even though I know it is redundant. Unfortunately when I attempt to load up any GEM files to view it just crashes the GolemEd. No idea why at the moment.

Switch`: Can someone upload GolemEd v1.02 somewhere? The link in the post is dead.

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