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UT :: Actor (UT) >> Brush >> Mover (UT) >> GradualMover (Package: UnrealI)

Allows a specific tag and time to be set for each sequence in the mover's keyframe. It also adds three new states:

  • GradualTriggerOpenTimed,
  • GradualTriggerPound and
  • GradualTriggerToggle.

The original Mover states may not work as expected when used in this class.

There is no UT200x version of this class, but one of the custom Mover classes might be doing what you want.


OpenTimes[n] is the time taken to open to keyframe n+1. Eg, The mover opens to keyframe 1 in OpenTimes[0] seconds.
CloseTimes[n] is the time taken to close to keyframe n. Eg, The mover closes back to keyframe 0 in OpenTimes[0] seconds.
Tags [6] 
Tags[n] is the event the GradualMover listens for when at keyframe n.
Events [6] 
Event[n] is the triggering string for all actors with a matching tag when at keyframe n.