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My Unreal Wiki Page[edit]

Who Am I?[edit]

I am the Artist Formerly Known As RDGDanClark. I have created a new entity, Hectic Studios, and am currently involved with two projects. The first project is a continuation of sorts of the RDG project, Net Combat. It has gone through a complete overhaul, and I will be posting details of that project soon. I will be promoting the project and looking to round out a team while I'm at Unreal_University, so if you're going to be there, I'd like to talk to you :) The second project is actually not Unreal-related. It's a complete (read: salable) game using the Torque engine from Garage Games. Though it's off-topic for the wiki, anyone who'd like to help out with the Torque project is welcome to, and people putting in significant work will even be eligible for a cut of the profits.

If you catch me playing UT/UT2003 online, I go by the name [HS]TheGodfather.
'Cause I'll make you an offer you can't refuse!


  • AIM: HSDanClark
  • Yahoo IM: HSDanClark




  • Camping – What it is, what it isn't, and why people feel they need to justify their loss by complaining about it.
  • Rush In Rio – Non-UT related, a semi-review of the new Rush in Rio DVD/CD. Rush rocks.

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