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Legacy:JumpSpot (UT)

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A JumpSpot is a NavigationPoint that indicates where a Bot can jump with Jump Boots (or hammerjumping if bImpactJump is true, though boots are prefered if avaiable due to harmlessness), or with the feet if the zone has low gravity (ZoneGravity.Z smaller than ~500).

How to Use[edit]

Put a JumpSpot where you want to be the end of the using bot's jump. Set it's LiftCenter -> LiftTag in the Properties to a name that better describes the jump maneuver, and set up the properties as seen below. Then put a LiftExit at the start of the jump, and another near the JumpSpot. Match their LiftExit -> LiftTag to the JumpSpot's one.

Only use JS for tall jumps. For gaps and dodge jumps (preferably with a bit of room to spare), use LiftCenter replacing the JS the same way. However there will be no hammerjump between large gaps. Here you can use a Jump Spot with bHammerJump true. For even smaller lips/gaps that has some room, use PathNodes at both sides.


As a LiftCenter, a MaxZDiffAdd should sometimes be finetuned between the starting ("ground floor") LiftExit and the JumpSpot. Often it needs to be in the apex for two-way pathes at the same level. If, for example, the result is a open catwalk, there is no need, as the Bot assumes he can fall from the catwalk LiftExit to the ground one, which is normally true.

Normally the bot will grab a jump boot before jumping the JumpSpot's path, if it is more reliable than hammerjumping or bHammerJump is false. But if he don't there are some ways to make he do it:

  • Use the JumpSpot navigation point, add a small zone cube on it without the modified gravity, bots will consider the route once they have the boots.
  • Create a new path type that makes bots consider the route if either:
    • They have boots.
    • Boots pickup is available near to the jump start location + force bots to pick up boots if they're standing on the jump start location without boots.

The first solution is preferred. Only use the second solution if the first one doesn't works.


JumpSpot group[edit]

bImpactJump: If true, a bot can do a hammerjump instead of the boot jump if a jump boots is unavaiable or more unreliable.

bAlwaysAccel: If true, bots will simply mash the forward button as he jumps (instead of trying to land on the exact point of the destination).


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