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Adding Postal 2 related stuff for the assistance of modders working on projects for Postal 2.

I first became interested in UnrealScript after the release of Postal 2. My first mod was KamekMod, a single-player alteration which added various new enhancements to single-player mode. When Share The Pain came out, Legacy:Kamek/AirMail was next, as I wanted something like RuneQuake for Postal 2.

Since AirMail, I've coded other Postal 2 stuff such as Legacy:Kamek/P2JailBreak, Legacy:Kamek/PostalArena, and Legacy:Kamek/King Of The Hill. Currently I am working on Version 3 of Legacy:Kamek/AirMail, an anti-cheat mod called Legacy:Kamek/XAdmin, and Legacy:Kamek/XCharacters which adds more characters to the Postal 2 deathmatch roster.

Coding Projects (In Progress)[edit]

Coding Projects (Complete)[edit]

Mapping Projects (Complete)[edit]


The name for the map came from the map's background music, a techno/club track by TaQ called Abstract Radical Mix. The map itself is fairly simple, yet preplexing. The level consists of eight small cube-shaped rooms, all linked to each other by smaller cube-shaped passageways. The edges of the map are linked to the other side with WarpZones. In addition, there are holes in the floor and ceiling, which also are linked by WarpZones.

Each room has four rocket launcher pickups and eight grenade pickups. The result: sheer chaos.

The decision to include only the explosive weapons comes from the fact that trace weapons just don't work across WarpZones.

The map was more of an experiment than anything else, but I decided to upload it to my server anyway. It's like George W. Bush: you either love it or you hate it.

As of late October, I took this map out of the server list.

All-American Market[edit]

This stage was based on the Lucky Ganesh/Paradise Book Repository from the single player game. Screenshot

Arena of Evil[edit]

The House of Chthon. Also known as e1m7 to Quake players.

The Arena of Evil was my first attempt at recreating the famed Quake map; a favorite for many players.

The result was a cube-shaped room with a lava pit. Unlike the real e1m7, several areas were left open, and the map itself had several minor problems, but was still a favorite for many Postal players. Screenshot

Arena of Evil DX[edit]

I was never satisfied with the final result for Arena of Evil, and eventually decided to rebuild it. My first attempt was devoured by the UnrealEd Goblin after I tried to import an audio track for background music.

Weeks later, I gave it another try. I went for more of a "hell"-ish look. Postal 2 doesn't have many castle-ish textures or meshes and I didn't feel like hunting the web for a bunch of custom textures, so I made do with the Napalm Factory's textures. In the end, everything turned out better than I expected, though the map scale is a little large. Screenshot


This map was based on the game Super Bomberman. The only weapon available for pickup was the Bomberman Bomb, which was essentially an instagib grenade with a Bomberman-style blast radius. It didn't catch on very well and was discontinued.

Clinic Area[edit]

Based on the Clinic Area in the single player mode. I made several changes to this map, including changing the time of day from day to night, adding additional street lights (this area looks dismal at night), and changing the default billboards to my own choices. Screenshot

The Dark Place[edit]

Feeding Time[edit]

Kill Frenzy[edit]


Nondescript Warehouse[edit]

Office Complex[edit]

RWS Office[edit]

RWS Office Plus Back Alley[edit]

School Daze[edit]

Sniper Training[edit]

Suburban Warfare[edit]

West Mall MP[edit]

Yet Another Rats Map[edit]

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Guest Book[edit]

EntropicLqd: Hi, welcome to the Wiki. Enjoy your stay here.

Tarquin: Welcome to the site :)

Kamek: Thanks :)

xX)(Xx: Nice! what game are the maps for? and is there anywhere to download them from?

Kamek: All the maps are for Postal 2 and can be found on my website. *adds a link* I'll have to get around to adding more map descriptions when I have time.

xX)(Xx: Dead Link to your site..after a bit of editing, i got it working, i fixed the link here, hope you dont mind. By the way, those maps are really nice, congrats! You ever thought of porting them to a diff game? ie. Original UT?

Kamek: Keep in mind that most of the maps I made were conversions from the single player version of Postal 2... most of the levels I "made" were originally made by one of the Postal Team, such as Bryan Dillow. I do have a few "from scratch" levels, though: Arena of Evil (and DX), The Dark Place, School Daze, Bomberman, and a couple others I haven't released yet.

I found that porting levels from one game to another is extremely difficult, especially when there are a lot of static meshes involved, and most of the single player conversions use a lot of static meshes. However, some of the "from scratch" levels could be conceivably ported with little hassle. While I have a copy of UT2004, I'm not very good with it yet, either playing or level editing.